Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the MCR and graduate life at Peterhouse:

What is the MCR?

The MCR, or Middle Common Room, is two things:

  • A physical space where members of Peterhouse’s graduate community can gather during the daytime or evening to work, socialise, drink coffee or watch TV. When you come to Peterhouse you’ll be given a key that will let you access the MCR room at any time of the day or night. It’s also where graduates’ pigeonholes for post and other announcements are located.
  • The graduate community at Peterhouse as a whole. Once you join Peterhouse as a graduate student you’ll automatically become a member of the MCR community, along with all the benefits this brings.
  • Both of these are coordinated by the MCR Committee, a small group of students who are democratically elected to various roles. You can find out more about the Committee here.

What does the MCR Committee do for me?

  • Representation: the MCR’s most important role is acting as a go-between between the graduate community of Peterhouse and college authorities. No matter whether it’s an issue big or small, the Committee can be your voice.
  • Events: a wide variety of events is organised by the Committee (and in particular, the Social Secretaries) each term and during the vacations – from Superhalls, to Film Nights, Guest Nights, Brunches and much more.
  • Freshers’ Week: all the coordination for Peterhouse’s graduate Freshers’ Week is the job of the MCR Committee, especially the First-Year Officer. From simple questions about arriving in Cambridge to putting on a host of mixers, socials and other events, the Committee is here to help if you need a hand.
  • Welfare: the Committee has a dedicated Welfare Officer whom you can approach with any personal or welfare-related issues. The Welfare Officer is obliged to keep confidential anything you tell them.
  • Coffee (and blankets, and tea, and deckchairs…): the MCR room also falls under the remit of the MCR Committee. Whether it’s keeping the all-important coffee machine well-stocked, or ordering new soft furnishings, the Committee helps keep the MCR a cosy, welcoming space for everyone.

How can I contact the Committee?

Please visit the Committee page with all of our Committee's Contact information!

I’m interested in sports, who can I contact?

In addition to all the University sports teams, Peterhouse has a plethora of sports teams of its own, from Netball to Croquet. Contact the AMALS Secretary (currently Murray, for more information. If it’s rowing you’re interested in, get in touch with Ellie ( who’s the Boat Club secretary.

I’m interested in music, who can I contact?

As well as the innumerable groups, orchestras and choirs scattered across the University and colleges, Peterhouse has its own chapel choir. You don’t have to have lots of experience, or be religious, to take part. Contact Simon ( to find out more.

I’m interested in a different activity, who can I contact?

The MCR committee, and the MCR community at large, has a wealth of information on practically everything you could ever hope to do in Cambridge. If there’s something you’re interested in doing and you don’t know where to start, send the MCR Secretary a quick email ( and they’ll point you in the right direction.


What kinds of funding does Peterhouse offer postgraduate students?

Peterhouse has a wide variety of scholarships and grants available. These range from full Research Studentships covering the costs of both tuition and maintenance for postgraduate study, through to travel grants for recreational activities abroad, and study grants to finance conference visits and similar academic-related expenses.

Information on general grants can be found here:

Information on Research Studentships can be found here:


Who are tutors, what are their responsibilities, and how do I contact them?

The College Tutors are responsible for the pastoral care of all students at Peterhouse. They can assist on any welfare-related issues, and liaise on your behalf with your Department or Faculty. There is at least one nominated Graduate Tutor, who publicises his or her office hours on the college website. Additionally, the College Chaplain is also available to offer advice and support on all personal matters to all students, regardless of faith.

Further information on the Tutorial system at Peterhouse can be found here:

Where can I find the menus for Hall and Formal Hall?

Hall menus can be found here, and Formal Hall menus can be found here.

When are meals served over the Easter break (2018)?

Service of meals will cease after service of luncheon on 28 March.

Service of breakfast, lunch and dinner will resume on 10 April.

On 14 April brunch will be available but there will be no dinner available.

Meals continue as normal with dinner available from 15 April.

Formal Hall resumes on 24 April.