Welfare and Equal Opportunities

Cambridge and graduate life can sometimes be very stressful. Sometimes the postgraduate life can feel alienating, especially when you belong to groups that are not historically associated with Cambridge, or even post-secondary education in general. Things can happen that are beyond your control, and that is why we have a dedicated Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer, Lukas Hergt, as well as a variety of other people you can turn to for help.

Here is a selection of links and contact details that you might find useful. If there are any other websites or services, which you think would be appropriate for this page, please contact Lukas (mcr-welf@pet.cam.ac.uk).


Anonymous contact

Should you wish to contact anybody from the welfare team anonymously, you can create a new email address using hushmail. Go to www.hushmail.com/signup and chose an email address and password.


Welfare Support in Peterhouse 

You can contact the MCR Welfare Officer(s): Lukas Hergt at mcr-welf@pet.cam.ac.uk.  Should you feel more comfortable approaching a woman, feel free to contact our Social Secretary Carolina Orozco (mcr-socsec@pet.cam.ac.uk) instead.

Other sources of welfare support available in college are:

The Dean - Revd Dr Stephen Hampton (on leave until Michaelmas 2018) contact: swph2@cam.ac.uk.

Assistant Chaplain and Acting Dean: Revd Dr Geoff Dumbreck, contact: geoff.dumbreck@pet.cam.ac.uk.

The College Nurse: Mrs Kim Freeman (Fen Court, Ground Floor) contact: nurse@pet.cam.ac.uk.

The College also has a college-based counsellor based at 1 St Peter's Terrace, Room 4. A new College Counsellor is to be appointed for 2017-18 and the relevant contact details will be updated in due course. 

JCR minority representatives: There are various dedicated minority representatives in the JCR. Should you feel more comfortable contacting any one of them, don’t hesitate to do so.


Welfare Support at the University level

The University offers a variety of counselling and welfare support to students. Please visit the following links for more information: 

Cambridge University welfare 

Cambridge University counselling

Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU) welfare