• Main College: Please visit the official college website for information on admissions, bursaries, contacts etc.

  • Welfare: For any health, mental health or general welfare enquiries, consult the college website or contact our Welfare Officer for information (email: mcr-welf[at]pet.cam.ac.uk)

  • Mailing List: We recommend that all MCR members add themselves to our mailing list, to remain informed of all upcoming events and MCR-related announcements.
    Follow this link, search for “pet-mcr” and use your Raven credentials to register.

  • Facebook page : Keep in touch with our vibrant community on Facebook by asking to join our page. Many day-to-day issues are debated and resolved there. (only for MCR members)

  • Punt Bookings: Peterhouse MCR has an agreement with Scudamores for hiring one punt for free per day. To do this, you will need to book via their online booking system, obtain a temporary password on your cam email address and use that to sign in and fill out their booking form.
    You may be asked to confirm you are a member of Peterhouse by the Committee before you can proceed.

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